We’re going to talk about Antonio Brown during the entire Steelers off-season. That’s exactly how he likes it.

AB fanboys like to say, “HE’S JUST HAVING FUN! LET HIM HAVE FUN!”

OK, but what if Brown’s “fun” violates team policy?

What if Brown’s “fun” keeps the quarterback from having fun?

What if Ben Roethlisberger is tired of Brown being a headache?

What if Roethlisberger hates babysitting Brown when Brown feels he’s not getting the ball enough?

What if Roethlisberger doesn’t want to prop up Brown’s ego with stats at garbage time?

Do you let Brown keep having “fun” at the expense of a professional setting, an environment preferred by the most important guy on the team? The Steelers might be at that crossroads. Roethlisberger’s threatened retirement shouldn’t be taken lightly, even if he keeps playing.

Brown has written a few big checks for charity. Does that automatically make him a good guy? Does it undo his stupidity, or should Brown be judged by all his actions?

God bless the causes and people that benefit, but throwing money at the unfortunate has long been the preferred camouflage of wealthy jerks, always maximized with a photo op.

Then there’s Le’Veon Bell, a/k/a “Juice.” Another brother wants to win the hustler of the year award.

Bell dropped a diss track about Fox Sports' Skip Bayless. It’s horrible. The only person that’s going to like it is Bayless, because any publicity is good publicity.

Why, after just losing the AFC Championship Game and with the Steelers in chaos, would Bell think doing that is a good idea?

It sums up Brown, Bell and so many athletes: Selfish, clueless and tone-deaf. They think they can never look stupid, and so they always look stupid.

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