The Philadelphia Flyers stink.

They have six more losses than wins. They’re seven points out of the last wild-card spot in the East, and have to jump over four teams.

It’s OVAH!

The Flyers’ captain, center Claude Giroux, is their biggest fraud. Giroux might be hockey’s No. 1 fraud.

In 2012, when the Flyers beat the Penguins in the playoffs, some actually put Giroux in the NHL’s upper echelon with legit stars like Sidney Crosby. The dunderheads in Philadelphia certainly did.

Where is your God now, priest?

In nine NHL campaigns, Giroux has never had a 30-goal season. He has topped 80 points twice, 90 points once. That’s puny production.

In 12 seasons, Crosby has gone over 100 points five times and bested 30 goals eight times. That’s despite losing lots of games to injury.

Giroux couldn’t carry Crosby’s jock in a suitcase.

This year, Giroux has only 13 goals. He’s minus-17. He’s killing the Flyers. Your alleged best guy can’t suck, and Giroux does.

Or maybe Giroux was never very good in the first place.

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