Tony Romo is retiring from football to be a broadcaster.

Romo isn't an all-time great. But lots of people like to pretend he is.

Romo isn't a Hall-of-Famer. But he might make it anyway.  That would be residue of having a star on his helmet.

The Undertaker retiring is much more significant. 'Taker accomplished a lot more.

Romo never won a damn thing, or even came close. Neil O'Donnell played in more Super Bowls.

Romo isn't even close to Ben Roethlisberger. Couldn't carry his jockstrap in a suitcase.

But turn on ESPN, and 90 per cent of the talking heads have their lips firmly planted on the posterior of Romo's meager legacy.

If Romo had played for Jacksonville instead of Dallas, he'd be anonymous.

But he played for America's team. No wonder we had to pick between Trump and Hilary.

Romo won two playoff games in nine years. That is all the people need to know.

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