The Steelers drafting James Conner in the third round is a terrific story.

Conner is a cancer survivor. He's a Pitt guy. He moves right across the complex.

But there's a risk in that pick that no one has addressed because we're so busy bathing in the inspiration.

How completely, and for how long, will Conner's body bounce back from cancer, and the treatment he received?

Conner also had major knee surgery.

I hope it works out, and I'm certainly rooting for Conner.

But did the Steelers draft a good player, or a great story?

Conner might have been available in the fourth round. I'd feel better about Conner as a fourth-round pick.

Overall, I liked the Steelers draft - well, until they went goofy picking a long snapper and an unneeded quarterback.

The Steelers took solid talents, and respectable citizens who put football first.

Perhaps the Steelers are rebranding themselves in that regard. That would be excellent - as long as they win.

Taking Southern Cal WR JuJu Smith-Schuster in the second round shows a clear lack of trust in Martavis Bryant. That distrust was immediately justified by Bryant's immature reaction on Twitter.

Maybe it was just the pot talking.

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