Mike Johnson of the NHL Network said that the Penguins’ Nick Bonino should be suspended a game for embellishing after being high-sticked by Washington’s T.J. Oshie with 1:52 left in the third period of Game 4.

But it WAS a high stick. Oshie’s stick was above his shoulder. Whether Bonino embellished doesn’t alter that.

I don’t recall Johnson, or anybody on the NHL Network, clamoring for Washington’s Matt Niskanen to be suspended after he tried to behead Sidney Crosby in Game 3.

Is embellishing a bigger crime than blunt force trauma to the head?

Damn right it is, because hockey is a MAN’S GAME.

Except I saw Johnson play in the NHL, and I don’t recall him being much of a man. In fact, I don’t recall much of anything about Johnson’s meager career. Johnson played 22 NHL playoff games. The Penguins played 24 last year alone.

Bonino embellishing > Niskanen felony. What a joke. Tell T.J. Einstein to keep his stick down. He deserved the penalty he got.

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