With Jung-Ho Kang and Starling Marte unavailable, the Pirates really need Andrew McCutchen and Gregory Polanco to come through.

They are not.

McCutchen is hitting .235 with a .319 OBP. #PATHETIC

Polanco is even worse. He’s hitting .221 with a .316 OBP. He’s batting cleanup, and has no home runs. El Coffee is celebrating Cinco de Zero.

The Pirates have gotten decent pitching, but are last in the NL Central.

Blame that on hitting. Blame that on fielding. Blame that on baserunning. Blame that on overall sloppiness and a general malaise.

Blame that on McCutchen and Polanco, too.

But that won’t worry Pirates fans or the team’s stooge media.

The Pirates are the only team in town that isn’t judged by results, and the same trickles down to the players.

McCutchen has been a bum dating back to the end of the 2015 season. Polanco has been rotten since the middle of last campaign.

Face it, McCutchen and Polanco stink.

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