Derek Jeter's number was retired last night by the New York Yankees. 

The sports media, of course, treated it like a national event, one that everybody should care about.

Jeter is barely in the top 10 shortstops of all-time, and certainly isn't one of the 10 best Yankees ever.

But ESPN focused an avalanche of coverage on Jeter, making us watch him watch the Houston-Yankees game.

It was gratuitous overkill, and just another example of super-serving the New York market.

Jeter nailed a ton of absurdly hot babes. You've got to give him that.

But last night wasn't a tribute to Jeter, not outside of Yankee Stadium.

Last night, ESPN and the rest of the national sports media paid homage to New York.

Yankee fans will be outraged by this blog. So will disciples of the notion that "New York is the greatest city in the world!"

"Who's a better shortstop?" would be the cry that rings through the five boroughs, and especially the Bronx.

The answer: Honus Wagner of Pittsburgh. Carnegie, to be specific.

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