The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports department has an editing desk staffed with professionals, and it's their responsibility to make sure what's wrong doesn't get in the paper.

This morning, they failed. Not for the first time, either.

The picture on the right isn't Matt Murray. It's Tristan Jarry. It even says "Jarry" on his friggin' mask.

Murray will start in goal tonight at Ottawa. The third-stringer, Jarry, was never under consideration.

Post-Gazette staffers belong to a union. That union protects nothing but incompetence. (It sure never protected me.) You can't get fired at the Post-Gazette, or even disciplined. The front page of today's sports section is an embarrassment, but no one will know an unpleasant moment because of it.

With all due respect to some quality people who work there, the last two decades have seen Post-Gazette management chase off a better sports section than what they have left. And the people who work the desk are the absolute dregs. Witness the proof on the front page of today's P-G sports section.

That front page got past at least a half-dozen sets of eyes before making print. The people who work the sports desk at the P-G don't care, and do the absolute minimum. A total of four "sports editors," and that still got in the paper.

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