The reaction of the hockey media to certain issues is mind-boggling.

The hockey media romanticizes the gritty (read: painfully slow, lacking skill) style of play in the playoffs. But nothing could be worse for the sport.

The hockey media embraces Ottawa and Nashville as great stories. But nothing could be worse for the NHL.

I know I'm right. The TV ratings tell me I'm right.

Meantime, the two best teams are going to play in the NBA final, and the result will be TV ratings that rival the moon landing. The NBA will take Golden State-Cleveland to the bank. Steph vs. LeBron. The NHL will be rolling pennies.

The NHL can't fix who wins and loses. It can fix how the game is played in the playoffs, but won't.

The NHL is oblivious. The hockey media is too busy doing PR.

The NHL is a league made for Marc Methot, not Sidney Crosby. The NHL wants grit to mean as much as skill. Mission accomplished, at the expense of a great sport which is largely ruined.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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