Foo Fighters Remake Revocation Video

Hollywood and tv love remakes and now I guess the Foo Fighters do too. 

Yesterday, the rock gods dropped their new video for "Run" resulting in the internet losing their collective minds. Praise for both the song and video seem to be nearly universal.

It's really too bad that Revocation didn't get the same praise when they made the same video 4 years ago. Look at the clips below and tell me that "Run" isn't near identical to "The Grip Tightens". 

I'd bet that Dave Grohl and the boys don't even realize this other video exists and it's probably just a coincidence or maybe they do and it's one Dave showing love to another. Now I'm not saying that their video isn't good or that their song is bad but what I am saying is that much like The Simpsons before them, Revocation did it.  

To be fair, there are probably other bands who have done some old face gimmick in a video but with the general heaviness of this Foo jam it's hard not to draw a comparison to a metal band. 

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