PromoWest North Shore and Coors Light Presents Primus w/ Clutch 

WHEN: July 30, 2017
WHERE:  Stage AE Outdoors– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
DOORS: 6:30pm
COST: $38.50 Advance/$40.00 Day of Show
ON SALE:  March 24

In the summer of 1971, Primus’ Les Claypool was a couple months shy of his eighth birthday when David L. Wolper’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory debuted in movie theaters; based on the Roald Dahl book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Like many people of a certain age and temperament, the movie became a perennial favorite that Claypool would come back to repeatedly, throughout different stages of his life, taking something different away from it each time. So, it seemed equal parts genius and obvious when he decided to throw a Willy Wonka-themed Primus show on New Year’s Eve last year. It felt so good, in fact, that he decided to take Primus into the studio to prepare the soundtrack for an album release.  Claypool admits that he’s always, “in some way, wanted to be Willy Wonka,” and, also, that he’s always wanted to work a cover of “The Candyman” -- a memorable number from the film’s soundtrack -- into Primus sets.The project would’ve worked with almost any of Claypool’s diverse musical ventures, but he knew from the start that he wanted to bring Wonka straight to his flagship band. Two years after releasing an album of new material, Green Naugahyde, the Primus machine has a full tank and is running hot. In order to get the full depth that he envisioned for the music, Claypool called up two celebrated players from his multi-band roster -- Mike Dillon and Sam Bass. This reinforced version of Primus (featuring the Fungi Ensemble after Les’s last solo band) set about recording what would become Primus and the Chocolate Factory at Claypool’s home studio, Rancho Relaxo, in Sonoma County, California, during the early months of 2014. Some of the album’s finest moments were inspired by the same motivation that has driven Primus’ entire career: Of course, Claypool realized that it was risky business to adapt a cinematic classic that is so close to so many people’s hearts.  And, naturally, he realized that it was dangerous waters to swim in the wake of Gene Wilder, who portrays Willy Wonka in the original film.  The band pulls it off by making something that is truly their own, without taking anything away from the movie. Don’t miss Primus when they hit the outdoor stage on July 30th at Stage AE!

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