Weekend in the Burgh - Saturday 8.19

Brought to you by Moe’s Southwest Grill, Welcome to Moes…..

Saturday August 19th


Site: www.skullfestpgh.com

Location: AIR (518 Foreland St)

Bands: Midnight, Secret Prostitutes, Sourvein, Los Huyacos, Pollen, O.D.D., Chiller

Start Time: 1pm

Cost: $20

Info: All Ages

Location: Cattivo

Bands: Somnium Mori, Life Once Flourished Here, Unmaker, Alement, Arcane, Silence, Shadow Age, Proletariat, The Bellicose Minds, Omega Tribe

Start Time: 8:00p

Cost: $20

Location: Rock Room

Bands: Roobydocks, Concealed Blade, Alienation, S.H.I.T., Digital Octopus

Start Time: 9:00pm

Cost: $12

Location: Excuses Bar & Grill

Bands: Excusapalooza 3: Orange Mammoth, Legendary Hucklebucks, The Cheats, Dirty Charms, Stone Cold Killer, Volcano Dogs, Lize, Those Gorgeous Bastards, Thundervest, 13 Saints, Brett Staggs & The Daylight Moon

Start Time: 1pm

Cost: $10

Location: Arnold’s Tea

Bands: Deutschtown Summer Series: Morgan Erina

Start Time: 6pm

Location: Sidebar

Bands: Skell, Wretched Hive, Reign of Z

Start Time: 9:30pm 

Cost: $5

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