Weekend in the Burgh - Fri 4.27 & Sat 4.28

Brought to you by Moe’s Southwest Grill, Welcome to Moes…..

Friday April 27th

Location: Mr. Smalls Theater
Bands: townsppl, Donora, Ferdinand the Bull, Cape Cod
Start Time: 8pm
Cost: $10 adv / $12 dos

Location: The Smiling Moose
Bands: Psalms of Silence, Gator Shakes, Warn The Others, 
Start Time: 10:30pm
Cost: $10

Location: The Rock Room
Bands: Aneursym, Concussion, Killer of Sheep, Unreliable Narrator, S.L.I.P. III
Start Time: 9pm
Cost: $7

Location: Club at Stage AE
Bands: Margo Price, Aaron Leet Tasjan
Start Time: 7pm
Cost: $20 adv / $22 dos

Location: Club Cafe
*Early Show*
Bands: The Local, Radio Lark
Start Time: 7pm

*Late Show*
Bands: Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen), Coolzey, The Inevitable Mr. Chris
Start Time: 10:15pm
Cost: $12 adv / $15 dos

Location: The Hard Rock Cafe
Bands: Bobbyrock, The Roof, Eli Conner with Stanley J.
Start Time: 8:30pm
Cost: $10

Saturday April 28th

Location: Smiling Moose
Bands: Swiss Army Record Release Show, Old Game, Lawncare
Start Time: 7pm
Cost: $8-10

Location: Get Hip Recordings
Bands: Paint Fumes, The Black Six, Baby Brains
Start Time: 7pm
Cost: $9

Location: Gooskis
Bands: The Shadow Event, The Molecule Party
Start Time: 10pm

Location: Howlers
Bands: JC Nickles, Mala Sangre, Dead River
Start Time: 8pm

Location: Club Cafe
Bands: Bobbyrock, Second Street Stranger, Fidelity Laurel
Start Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $10

Location: Sidebar (Kittanning)
Bands: Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, A Common Crown, Redson
Start Time: 9pm
Cost: $5

Location: The Fallout Shelter (Aliquippa)
Bands: Only Flesh, False Profit, Rock Dennis Face, The Invalid People, Scolari
Start Time: 8pm
Cost: $10

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