Weekend In The Burgh 8/9


Location: Howlers

Bands: Urns (Record Release) Swampwalk, Derider

Start Time: 9pm

Cost: $5

Location: Spirit

Bands: Local-Live : Benji, Tap Shorts, PM Mirror, Synova

Start Time: 7:30pm

Cost: $10

Location: Rock Room

Bands: Arms Race, Game, Concealed Blade, Heavy Discipline

Start Time: 8pm

Cost: $8

Location: 222 Ormsby

Bands: Zeroking, Redson, Dragline

Start Time: 7pm

Cost: $5

Location: Gooskis

Bands: Dumplings, Nightcreature, Bundy and the Spins, The Stars of the Disaster

Start Time: 9pm

Cost: $5

Location: The Smiling Moose

Bands: Mike Pinto, Keystone Vibe

Start Time: 10pm

Location: Rivers Casino (Drum Bar)

Bands: Scott, Rob, Greg of The Clarks acoustic

Start Time: 9pm

Location: Thunderbird Cafe

Bands: Naughty Professor, Glenn Strother Project

Start Time: 8pm