Pittsburgh is not the worst city to drive in, but is far from the best. One extreme of ours is, unsurprisingly, having a LOT OF PRECIPITATION days!

The 10 cities that came out on top:

1. Raleigh, NC

2. Orlando, FL

3. Lincoln, NE

4. Tampa, FL

5. Winston-Salem, NC

6. Birmingham, AL

7. Corpus Christi, TX

8. Boise, ID

9. Charlotte, NC

10. Greensboro, NC

The bottom 10:

1. Detroit, MI

2. Oakland, CA

3. Philadelphia, PA

4. San Francisco, CA

5. Newark, NJ

6. Washington, DC

7. Seattle, WA

8. Los Angeles, CA

9. New York, NY

10. Honolulu, HI

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