Best Donuts in Every State? PA's is Oram's Bakery!

The best doughnuts in every state were ranked. PA's results? It went to Oram's Donuts in Beaver County! They're the best doughnut maker in Pennsylvania, according to Food & Wine.

They wrote:

“In an age when even the most stubbornly classic doughnut makers have capitulated to the visually-minded crowd, not that there’s anything wrong with bright colors and brioche dough (if you know what you’re doing), one of the finest doughnuts in America comes from a charming little relic called Oram’s Donut Shop, in a relic of a town called Beaver Falls, up the road from Pittsburgh.”

They also mentioned how Oram's Donuts are mostly known for their "gargantuan" cinnamon roll doughunts. Their number one sellers.

The full article here:

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