Trailer Gore Fest: Dexter, Walking Dead, and Chucky!

For those of you with a bit of bloodlust---let's give you a trifecta of trailers that will scratch the horror movie itch. Obviously, if you're squeamish, don't enjoy brain eating zombies, possessed toys, or serial killers, we're pretty sure there are plenty of youtube channels with kittens playing with yarn.

For everyone else, let's begin!

First up...The newest trailer for Dexter. Is this a possible olive branch for a make good on the ending of Dexter the first time around? Can Dexter withstand the sight of blood without going full maniac? I'm gonna

Next up. The Walking Dead. You guys. They're on season eleven and these zombies are STILL a pain in the brain. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The 11th season of the hit AMC zombie series — based on Robert Kirkman’s comics — consists of 24 episodes and premieres Aug. 22, two months earlier than the show’s traditional October debut in Halloween season. It can be streamed on Aug. 15 via AMC+. Parts two and three of the final season will air in 2022, with exact dates yet to be determined.

And finally, Chucky's terror can longer be confined to a big screen, full feature film. Now it's a TV show coming to SyFy and your nightmares. Looks dumb. LET'S WATCH IT.

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