Meet Your Hometown For The Holidays Artists: Sink In

Photo: Photo via Sink In

Oo let's meet Sink In, one of your Hometown For The Holidays Artists! Big congrats, my friends!

Ask any fan of Sink In one simple question - “What does Sink In mean?” - and they will undoubtedly give you the same answer. Sink In means diving into making a difference right where you are. Since 2015 Sink In has done exactly that. The “DIY" pop rock group began with only a van that better resembled a tin can and pure willpower. They spent a full year recklessly touring and creating memorable shows; despite having zero music released to the public. After many less-than-glamorous nights spent in parking lots and exhausting phone calls with recording studios Sink In finally released their first songs on a small EP titled “Wide Eyes”. The EP sold over 1,000 copies independently and the following year Sink In had their first label deal. The label released the debut album “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things” which hit billboard’s Heat Seeker’s Northeast chart at #1 during the first week. Soon after Sink In hit the summer festival circuit and took their DIY attitude to the main stage.

You definitely don't wanna miss a thing with these guys, so be sure to give 'em a follow!

Twitter: @SinkInBand

Instagram: @sinkinband

Wanna get some merch from these fellahs? Well, click here then! (They've got some super cool stuff)

Photo via Sink In

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