Here’s an excerpt from my recent column that examines the demonizing of Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada: 

Tomlin could help. At his weekly dispensing of horse manure to the media, Tomlin could say, “Matt’s doing fine. Everybody should shut up about it.” That’s what an administrator concerned about his employees would do.  

Such a statement wouldn’t totally quiet the citizens or the pandering arm of the media. But it would dissipate the heat, with Tomlin accepting some. As a good boss does. 

I suggested this on my radio program. Some responded, “Tomlin shouldn’t have to lie.” Ha! Coaches lie all the time, Tomlin not least. 

But Tomlin likes the situation as is. 

Canada gets a lot of blame. Tomlin gets a little. It’s one reason Tomlin employs sub-standard coaches. They’re convenient lightning rods. 

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Head coach Mike Tomlin isn’t the only one who could lessen the heat on Canada. So could quarterback Kenny Pickett or owner Art Rooney II. Say something supportive. 

But Pickett and Rooney, like Tomlin, are perfectly content with Canada being cast as the Great Satan. 

It detracts from a fraudulent head coach, a first-round pick at quarterback who has so far disappointed, and an organization in decline. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders

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