Duke basketball player Kyle Filipowski sustained minor injuries when Wake Forest fans stormed the court after beating the Blue Devils. Filipowski got plowed into. 

This has led to the usual outrage about court-storming, but nothing will be done to curtail this idiotic phenomenon. 

ESPN’s Jay Bilas says everyone who storms the court should be arrested. That seems a bit more than a typical arena police/security crew might be capable of. You'd have to cite hundreds, maybe thousands.

My solution is that court-storming = automatic forfeit. That would stop it. 

Court-storming isn’t an honest display of emotion, though it might have started out as that.

Court-storming isn’t “having fun,” which has become a catch-all American excuse for abject stupidity. 

Court-storming is a trigger for wound-up college dipsticks to indulge anarchy, and to assault innocent bystanders like Filipowski. 

Pitt’s student section is called the Oakland Zoo. After the Filipowski incident, the Oakland Zoo proudly proclaimed that they don’t do court-storming. 

Good for them, but maybe they don’t know how. Pitt doesn’t win big games very often. 

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