Steelers players gave the team’s ownership, facilities and family experience failing grades via a survey conducted by the NFLPA. 

That should be meaningless to you. 

Why would you care about perceived minor discomfort experienced by well-paid athletes you don’t know? 

This isn’t “workers of the world unite.” The players aren’t the proletariat. 

The NFL salary cap just increased by $30.6 million. The rookie minimum is $795k. The veteran minimum is $915k and increases with every year of service.

If these prima donnas and their partners are upset because the Steelers don’t provide day care to babysit their brats on game days at Acrisure Stadium, let ‘em hire a nanny. They can afford it. 

I’m sure the facilities could be better. The Rooneys have always been cheap, as evidenced by sharing with Pitt. 

But the Steelers’ won-lost record can’t be traced directly to these complaints. 

Owner Art Rooney II is under fire for being graded F. 

Coach Mike Tomlin gets still more undeserved praise for being graded A, which he got only because the players like him. His real grade for 2023 was 10-7, 0-1 in the playoffs. 

But the only grade that matters is the F that should be universally assigned to the Steelers’ plan at quarterback. 

The Steelers are 100 percent committed to Kenny Pickett, a quarterback that has proven he’s not good enough. 

The Steelers have no Plan B at quarterback, not beyond a nondescript veteran backup to be determined. The Steelers are burning the boats. 

That might affect the 2024 season a bit more than lack of game-day daycare. Don’t be distracted by the insignificant. 

Super Bowl XLIII

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