Here's an excerpt from my latest Trib column:

The Steelers can’t start 2024 with guys named Quez and Van as their No. 2 receiving threat behind AB Jr. Jr. Jr. It’s not that kind of league. (I may have mentioned that before.)

It’s more important for the Steelers to bolster their receiving corps [in the draft] than it is to improve their offensive line. They can’t possibly get by with the receivers they have. They need to put Wilson in better position to succeed. (Even if he stays upright a bit less.)

But the Steelers are excellent at fooling themselves. Perhaps their next delusion will be signing free agent wideout Tyler Boyd and convincing themselves he’s a No. 2 receiver, not a No. 3. (Boyd is ex-Pitt, ex-Clairton High School. He’s a good story.)

The Steelers may wind up wishing they had kept Diontae Johnson, pain in the backside though he may be.

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The problem with drafting a talented receiver (or otherwise acquiring one of significance) is that George Pickens won't like it. He'd see it as a threat. It would offer the potential for less targets, less catches, less yards, less everything. Pickens would get the red ass.

Pickens has been a Steeler for two seasons and hasn't shown one sign of maturing.

When Pickens refused to block for teammate Jaylen Warren this past season, he had no regrets. He said he was trying to avoid injury and would do it again.

Pickens didn't apologize for the commotion caused, saying he "kept receipts" for criticism written and said about him.

Here's betting Pickens goes off the deep end this coming season. Pickens is AB Jr. Jr. Jr.

It took Antonio Brown a while to find true insanity. Pickens will get there. Huge talent, inflated ego, non-functioning brain. Nobody with that organization will put him in his place. He's a ticking time bomb.

For those keeping score at home, here's the AB lineage:

Antonio Brown = AB.

JuJu Smith-Schuster = AB Jr.

Chase Claypool = AB Jr. Jr.

George Pickens = AB Jr. Jr. Jr.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers

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