Here's an except from my latest column: 

The Steelers will likely mangle the draft. It's what they do.

Most of their recent high picks were no better than meh, with Kenny Pickett, Chase Claypool and Devin Bush all considerably worse. You think the Steelers are this great organization, but precious little recent evidence supports that.

The Steelers' depth chart is pathetic on the offensive side of the ball.

So, don't be surprised if they take a cornerback in the first round. Anything to dodge the reality of how the NFL is in 2024. "Let's play elite defense!" Except they don't.

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The dumbest of the rumors about who the Steelers will take with the 20th pick overall has them trading up to draft Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell

Mitchell is a fine cornerback, both physical and able to cover.

But the Steelers, as constructed, will labor badly to score points. They need significant help on offense. They don't need to augment a defense that's already the highest-paid in the NFL.

The Steelers have a badly outdated concept of what football currently is. Drafting a defensive player in the first round would dig that hole still deeper.

Toledo v Notre Dame

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