He won't. That's just a headline that will catch attention.

But with the Steelers so committed to the run and without the components for much of a passing game, maybe it's something to think about.

The Steelers need to be among the NFL's top five rushing teams. To average about 130 yards per game on the ground.

To do that, you can't trail all the time.

The Steelers don't have a running back like Christian McCaffrey, or a quarterback than can tote the ball like Lamar Jackson.

Actually, the Steelers do have the latter. They have Justin Fields.

Fields was Chicago's leading rusher last year. He had 657 yards and a 5.3-yard average.

Would it be better to start Fields? To commit 110 percent to the run? The Steelers should at least have a package of plays for Fields and use him for the occasional series.

That new-look offensive line certainly has talent and potential. It should move people.

I don't question the Steelers' dedication to the run, partly because they have no choice. 

But can they execute? The running backs aren't great. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren don't add up to McCaffrey. They're OK, no better. Decent in tandem.

Maybe Fields is the answer. Perhaps, eventually, the Steelers realize that.

Disclaimer: Russell Wilson had 341 rushing yards and a 4.3-yard average with Denver last season. He's not immobile. But he's not nearly as mobile as Fields.

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