Here's an excerpt from my latest column:

The Steelers story that nobody wants to talk about is Cam Heyward's contract.

Heyward is scheduled to make $16 million in 2024 with a cap hit of $22.4 million.

Heyward missed six games last season. He wasn't great when he did play. Heyward had surgery in February to repair groin and core muscle injuries.

It makes sense for the Steelers to ask Heyward to take a significant pay cut. He turns 35 on Monday and is damaged goods.

But Heyward won't do that.

Heyward has a podcast. (Of course, he does.) On it, Heyward said, "Screw the people who keep talking about me getting a pay cut."

Maybe a compromise could be reached via voidable years.

But it's more likely the Steelers will cave and pay Heyward what he's owed on his current contract. Every nickel.

That's the wrong move. If the Steelers cut Franco Harris, they can cut Heyward.

Sure, Heyward is a beloved figure who has contributed mightily to the Steelers. Multiply that by 10 and you have what Harris did.

The Steelers are a soft organization. As evidenced by every player winning his hold-in. None are scheduled for this year, thank heaven.

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Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers

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