Pirates shortstop Oneil Cruz taketh away, and he giveth.

That was evident in Wednesday's 7-6 win over San Francisco at PNC Park.

Cruz dropped a routine pop fly in the first inning, gifting the Giants two unearned runs.

But in the bottom of the ninth, Cruz hit a two-out, game-tying RBI double. The Pirates won in 10 innings.

The latter doesn't justify the former. You can't drop that pop-up.

Until Cruz does everything right, and especially what's routine, he won't be what the Pirates need him to be.

I'm not impressed by Cruz's exit velocity. That mph stuff. He had a bunch of that happening Tuesday.

Just catch the pop-up. Mph wasn't a factor.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Milwaukee Brewers

Photo: Stacy Revere / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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