The Steelers signed cornerback Cam Sutton to a one-year deal at the veteran minimum. Sutton previously played with the Steelers from 2017-22.

That shores up the cornerback position by getting a competent nickel that's familiar with the system. It's a addition that's badly needed.

The only way to not like reacquiring Sutton is by igniting a barrage of virtue signaling.

Sutton was accused of domestic violence in March. The complaint was ugly. Sutton went on the run for three weeks. The Detroit Lions cut him. Sutton got the charge whittled down to misdemeanor battery.

Now Sutton is a Steeler again.

I've got zero problem with that.

Sutton was a model citizen during his six seasons with the Steelers. Good guy, good player. Everybody makes mistakes.

Don't worry about being a moral compass. Do what's best for your football team.

The Steelers employed Michael Vick in 2015. He was a convicted felon who had spent 21 months behind bars.

Welcome back, Cam Sutton.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons

Photo: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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