That's not exactly breaking news. But the numbers are staggeringly bad.

The Pirates have just two regulars batting above .250: Nick Gonzales and Bryan Reynolds.

That's disgraceful.

Jack Suwinski is at .168.

Yasmani Grandal is at .171.

Michael A. Taylor is at .191.

Jared Triolo is at .202.

Andrew McCutchen is struggling. Down to .232.

Everybody's hero Oneil Cruz is at .239. He's got 12 home runs. That's not enough.

Is it the fault of hitting coach Andy Haines? Or is the talent just not there?

The Pirates have good pitching. It's too often wasted.

Hitting is down across baseball.

But that's no excuse. Everything is relative.

The Pirates are batting .227 as a team. That's fourth from bottom in MLB.

They've scored 333 runs. That's sixth from bottom.

They've hit 78 home runs. That's seventh from bottom.

Hitting is bad throughout MLB. But the Pirates are hitting worse.

Tampa Bay Rays v Pittsburgh Pirates

Photo: Joe Sargent / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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