Blink 182 Meets All Time Low For NEW BAND!

Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 said after the band wrapped up their California tour, he sunk into a deep depression. His wife encouraged him to find another way to express himself, which he did in the form of a new musical project that was equal parts cathartic and productive. Now we get to hear the results.

Mark called up Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and together they formed Simple Creatures. Talking with Alt 98.7-FM, Mark said, "I love it because it doesn't sound like either of our bands...It sounds totally different, which is really important to me because as a fan of music and a fan of bands, when somebody—especially a singer—goes off and does something outside of their normal band, and it sounds just like the band they came from, it's like, Why didn't you do that with your normal band?" 

They've shared their first single "Drug" and have said a new EP is coming out in March. Should be a busy year for Hoppus who is also expected to tour with Blink 182 this summer.