GHOST: Tobias Does First On-Camera Interview as Himself

Tobias Forge has been publicly known as the mastermind of Ghost for a couple years, but he's still done press for Prequelle using the Cardinal Copia name and costume. That all changed on French TV last week.

Dressed in a T-shirt and a leather jacket, he appeared on a French television show out of character for the first time. He told the host that he was "standing at a crossroads from a media point of view where everything I’ve done so far with the band" and that to go further, he'd have to show his face once in a while.

Forge added, "Throughout the years of touring with Ghost, I’ve never really felt 100 percent anonymous, even though the characters in the band and the visual presentation has always overshadowed what I was and whatever I did. I felt very comfortable with that situation for many, many years... If I was going to stick with the program that I set out before this band was even known when there were no inquiries about revealing anything…that will also put a limit on what I want to achieve."

Wonder if he'll forgo the costume this weekend at the Grammys?

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