Former Penguin James Neal Lost His Teeth On The Ice

On Saturday night, Former Penguin James Neal took a hit to the mouth in which you could see his teeth fly out, proving again why Dentists just love hockey players.

From USA Today : " Canucks defenseman Alex Biega was trying to swat at an airborne puck during the third period in Vancouver, missed and caught Neal in the mouth by mistake. And thanks to good camera work from CBC, it was possible to watch Neal's teeth fly out of his mouth in slow motion. One immediately fell to the ice and a couple more flew up after hitting his shoulder as he turned and grabbed his mouth."

The way the ref picks up the teeth like it's just another day in the office...Woof. By the way, Alex Biega got four minutes for high sticking. Neal returned to the ice pretty quickly.

Video below not for the squeamish .

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