Foo Fighters Injury Mystery Solved!

So mystery solved!

Last week we heard that Foo Fighters were canceling some tour dates due to a band member becoming injured and unable to perform. This mystery injury occurred sometime after their pre-Super Bowl party in Atlanta Saturday February 2nd and the morning of February 4th when they announced the canceled dates.

Dave Grohl showed up at a discussion for Pollstar Live this past Tuesday with his arm in a sling.

Dave insists he had elective surgery on his left arm which is totally totally true and not a lie because he would never have gotten lit AF and lost his damn mind partying after a killer gig with a ton of special guests where he was amped up on adrenaline and then could have tripped and landed like a dope, accidentally ran into a wall, or fell swinging from the rafters because of the aforementioned state of being lit AF because he you know doesn't drink approximately one million beers when they play because because because. Definitely the surgery. Got it.

(I would add the "Why You Always Lying" video below but I'm not allowed to swear on this blog).

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