Here's Gritty's Girlfriend That No One Asked For

Listen, I know dating in 2020 is rough...but even Gritty has a girlfriend now, so there's hope for you friend.

In defiance of God's will, there is now a second creature in the Gritty species. Meet his new girlfriend Grittney, created by artist and London based costume designer, Riot Rogers.

From Philebrity: "I wanted her to be upsettingly sexy," Riot Rogers told us. Rogers is an aspiring costume designer based in her native London, and as you can see, she accomplished her mission, and then some. Made of upholstery foam, gym mats, scrap canvas, leather lips and 100 feet of hair extensions, Grittney is clearly of the uncanny (Delaware) valley. READ MORE AT PHILEBRITY

Sweet dreams, everyone.

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