Anti-Flag Release “A Dying Plea Vol. 2” with Tom Morello and many more

Anti-Flag have unveiled A Dying Plea Vol. 2today featuring DE’WAYNE, Marcia Richards, Jordan Montgomery and Tom Morello. The follow up to “A Dying Plea Vol. 1”, this 2-song collection of tracks is an urgent plea to people around the world to come together and fight for change.

The music video combines graphic videos and historical photos depicting our nation’s history of racial inequality and police violence combined with home performance videos for a one-of-a-kind piece of art directed and produced by Keith Ray and INDECLINE.

In an earnest op-ed, featured exclusively with Alternative Press, Bassist Chris #2 shares“In times of social change, in the optimism of protest and the inspiration of direct action, Anti-Flag has always looked to work. To find ways to best provide commentary but to also creatively contribute to the tireless and arduous work of social justice. The pandemic has made that process increasingly more difficult and has had us seeking to find what the best use of our band is, of our platform and our art.” The full op-ed can be read at