Here's Tom Brady throwing a TD pass to Drew Brees' kid after the game.

How about a little timeline cleanse? And before you read on, don't AT me for mentioning Tom Brady in a positive light. Once the Steelers go out, my only connection to the NFL is over-eating during the games so...

It sounds like this was Drew Brees' last season, and if so, Sunday was the last time you'll see Drew and Tom facing off on the field. (Kind of a surprise they only faced off eight times in their respective careers?)

As you know, Tom got the best of Drew in their final match-up, but after the game, Tom came back out onto the field to chat with Drew, who was hanging out with his family.

In a cool moment that also might confuse your Tom Brady feelings, Drew's 11-year-old son Baylen handed Tom a football. Tom tossed him a five-yard touchdown pass. (It was the THIRD touchdown pass Drew had to watch Tom convert that day, ouch).

Brady advised the boys to "have fun" and "be nice" to their sister. When the boys jokingly replied, "no," Brady said, "Yes, be nice to your sister. See ya, boys."

Watch below.

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