Papa's Back: Ghost frontman Tobias Forge as Papa Emeritus Four

Papa Emeritus Four made his second appearance on Friday with Swedish garage-rock band The Hellacopters on a version of The Rolling Stones classic "Sympathy for the Devil."

The on-stage alter ego of Ghost frontman Tobias Forge, Papa has changed many times over the years. Forge pulled the plug on Papa Emeritus Three at the end of the touring cycle for their 2017 album, Meliora. He created Cardinal Copia for 2018's Prequelle, but put him aside at the final show of that album's tour in Mexico, where he introduced Emeritus Four. Hope you're paying attention, there will be a quiz. Okay not really, but do you want to upset him? I don't.

Here's Papa Emeritus Four performing on a Swedish TV quiz show and, a big old friendly reminder, this ain't TV in America, and there's a nice hefty F BOMB at the end of the song as it really starts to pick up.