Abby Takes The Polar Pop Challenge For Special Olympics PA

Abby's Polar Pop For Special Olympics PA

I'm honored to help Special Olympics PA this year with the POLAR POP! The Polar Plunge is different this year, yes, but I’d argue this is an easy way for you to get involved for the first time ever. I had the pleasure of involving my 91 year-old Grandmother and 4 year-old daughter as well as my parents for extra support. (My favorite part is when my Grandma is walking away she says, "You're NUTS!" She is correct).

My audio couldn’t stand the wind for the majority of my video where I walked you through how to do this, so this will have to do:

🏋️‍♀️Register yourself and make your donation and

🏊‍♀️Make a video of yourself doing the Polar Pop by popping a water balloon of cold water over your head. (Don’t cheat, I’ll see steam!!)

⛹️‍♀️Tag five friends to do the same.

Together we can build a more inclusive world! #PAPolarPop FEB 1-26th!!

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