Get Around Your Phone Changing Your Favorite Word to "Ducking."

Here's a minor inconvenience that might be driving you nuts—-and we can help you fix it.

Does your phone auto-correct your favorite F word, (not “Food,” that’s mine), to the word "DUCK"? A lot of phones do it so here there are two easy ways around it.

On an iPhone: Go to Settings—> General —> and find your Keyboard settings. Then click on "Text Replacement.” It's a feature that lets you create shortcuts. Like if you type, "omw" it'll change it to "On my way." But for this, enter the F-word as the shortcut AND the full phrase.

Android phones can do it too. Just go to Settings —> Language & Input—> and find a feature called "Personal Dictionary."

(If your iPhone has the newest version of iOS, you might not need to do anything.They apparently fixed it, but not all iPhones support the newest version.)

Also, someone on Instagram said they got around it by adding a new contact to their address book and typing the F-word into the name field.They gave it a first and last name "[Effing] [Eff]” so it would also stop auto-correcting to the word "ducking." So that's another cumbersome way to do it and maybe the more hilarious version of your options.

Happy Ducking Wednesday!

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