Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day: Spacehog - In The Meantime

Because we love ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day

Spacehog - In The Meantime

What a debut song.

The sampled dial tone at the beginning of the song is actually from avant-garde group Telephone and Rubber Band called “Penguin Cafe Orchestra.” It was actually an odd occurrence in the UK where the telephone wires would get crossed and you’d hear a tone indicating the phone was ringing but engaged at the same time. The song appeared on Resident Alien and introduced the world to a somewhat glam inspired, true rock star ethos of Royston Langdon. They are a British band, but if you wanna get technical, they came together in New York City.

Royston explained the song was really about a search for inner-meaning after losing oneself in isolation, and accepting whatever you find. Or as Roy put it, “It’s saying whoever you gotta do, it’s okay.”

Royston no longer owns the rights to the song which is BANANAS to me. It was their only big hit song but I still remember "Mondo City," pretty well and it's probably just me saying that! The band broke up and then reunited in 2008.

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