Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day: Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles

Because we love ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day:

Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles

Sunny Day Real Estate were emo before it was cool, man. (And their whole story is kinda emo, since it just sounds like they couldn’t get out of their own way the majority of their career). Nate Mendel, who would go on to join the Foo Fighters, actually gets credit with coming up with the band name Sunny Day Real Estate. After listening to a lot of Talking Heads, he started pondering the concept of how everything can be bought and sold, and liked the idea of being able to purchase a sunny day.

Sunny Day Real Estate was always on a razor’s edge internally and to this day, I still don’t quite get why they did half of the things they did. They would refuse to be photographed or interviewed in order to promote an album and would have actors pretend to be the band. Conversely, they would do absurdly commercialized ad appearances in shopping centers and perform on big name TV shows. They made it one album after Diary was released and the whole thing was caput by 1995. A very brief reunion happened in the late 90’s, but by then Nate Mendel was a full time member of the Foo Fighters and choose to keep his focus with them. It seems like any time there’s word of any reunions or recording, it all falls apart for reasons unknown.

The video here for “In Circles” was directed by Russell Bates and is actually same set Stone Temple Pilots used to film “Sex Type Thing.” Happy place!

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