Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day: Cracker - Low

Because we love ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day

Cracker - Low

Comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard stars as the scorned boxing partner of Cracker frontman David Lowery in the video for “Low,” which was directed by Carlos Grasso at a sound stage in Pioneertown, California. Carlos had an interesting take on the song, feeling that it’s true meaning was David’s inner conflict between his feminine and masculine sides. Sandra, representing the feminine, wins in the end. (By the way, Carlos, the director, was going through a split with his girlfriend at the time so maybe this was HIS way of working that out).

There’s a lack of clarity about what the song is really about so it’s fun to try and dig. I’ve heard some pretty raunchy interpretations, but all unverified. This song has an often "misheard" lyric, which then reportedly leads the entire song to being misinterpreted. “Being stone,” doesn’t make nearly as much sense to us as “being stoned,” right? Well the former is correct as in being weighted down, metaphorically being “stone,” however everyone assumed the song was about getting high. The band actually wrote letters to radio stations explaining it was not about drugs. That's widely disputed however, and a lot of folks think the band just said that to shut ‘em up so they’d play the song. Since when were drugs and rock n’ roll not friends?

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