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Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather

Because we love them ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day

Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather

In my best Stefon voice, “A baby, a bloody lip, and Kathleen Hannah, this video has it all.”

This is another music video that I probably would have missed were it not for Beavis and Butthead. It was my first exposure to Sonic Youth AND Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill who I mistook for some kind of pixie-stick fueled hype man for Kim Gordon.

The presence of Kathleen dancing, fighting, and generally stealing the show may have been the point. Kim Gordon was five months pregnant in the video so while she appears in some solo scenes, even if you were to suspect something, you’re quickly back to following Kathleen who looks like maybe she’s about to rip Thurston Moore’s arms off.

At one point, Kathleen did get a bit overzealous and gave Thurston a bloody lip, but hey, who hasn’t wanted to give Thurston a good whack in the face? (Eek, is that just me? I read Kim Gordon’s book a while back and I’m way #TeamKim on this one).

Oh what’s “Betting on the Bull in the Heather,” actually mean? Bull in the Heather was the name of a racehorse who was a descendent of 1986 Kentucky Derby winner, Ferdinand. So mashup Ferdinand The Bull with mommy horse Heather Road, and you have Bull In the Heather and if you didn’t know racehorse names are always weird as hell, you do now.

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