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#90s Video of the Day: Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother

A repeat with a Mother's Day theme! And a reminder to call your Mother.

Because we love ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day

Tracy Bonham “Mother Mother.”

We get a twofer on this one because there were in fact, two separate videos for Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother.” What’s interesting is that one was deemed more “family friendly” than the other and honestly I can’t tell why? Like if you’re worried the song wasn’t family friendly in the sense that your Mom would be upset at the lyrics, uh, a video isn’t going to change that, but okay!

The first version is the one I saw, loved, and immediately then invested my time into learning about Tracy Bonham. I can’t say I remember very much violin in my favorite 90’s rock, but Tracy learned to play at the age of five and her musical accomplishments were pretty understated, as she’s also an accomplished pianist and a self-taught guitar player. In this version, you’ll only see Tracy in the television screen and yes, that is her real life Mom in the video cleaning the house. (Alright, so Mom had to be somewhat okay with the song). It was directed by Jacob Scott and included her band as well rocking out in the dining room.

This second video was specifically shot for the VH-1 crowd in which Tracy and her band are in a very big closet as she essentially plays dress up in front of the mirror. It’s an odd juxtaposition with the song itself so it feels a bit forced, though “playing dress up” in a second, friendlier music video when the first one had such a ferocious bite might have been right on the nose.

Tracy Bonham still makes music by the way, so even though you might only know this one from her debut album The Burdens of Being Upright she’s still kicking ass.

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