90’s Video of the Day: Mighty Mighty Boston’s - The Impression That I Get

Because we love ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day:

Mighty Mighty Boston’s - The Impression That I Get

Dicky Barrett and Joe Gittleman wrote this song about counting your blessings. However the success was hard for Dicky to accept so he had trouble enjoying the band’s victory lap.

After attending a funeral, Dicky was inspired by the concept of facing a big devastating life change, wondering if he would have the strength to be resilient. The idea sparked the lyrics for “The Impression That I Get,” which was on their 1997 album Lets Face It. However, it was another track from that record, “Where’d You Go?” that buoyed them into success after it was featured on the Clueless soundrack. All of a sudden, Dicky was worried they’d lose credibility with their fanbase.

In an interview with The Cleveland Scene, Dicky said, ”It was double-edged really…It was great, but at the time, I didn't properly enjoy it the way I should have. I thought the sky was falling in, and it was the end. I thought, 'Oh my god, everyone knows who we are.' We were rude boys from Boston, and we weren't supposed to be popular. All of a sudden, we were. I didn't want us to be known as sell outs. We did the same thing we had always been doing. It was just that people gave a shit all of a sudden. Then, I realized it wasn't so bad. I learned that the people that supported us before were proud of us and thought we deserved it. Pop music joined us on our terms, we didn't join pop music on its terms."

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