Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day: Oasis - Wonderwall

Because we love ‘em all. Here’s your 90’s Video of the Day:

Oasis - Wonderwall

The Gallagher brothers have been in the news again because with an upcoming documentary on the band forcing Noel and Liam to play nice, they get asked with even more frequency if Oasis will get back together.

Liam won’t close the door on it, but Noel does. He recently told Australia’s The Project, “People ask me that question on a daily basis and I can only say to you that I just don’t feel like it.” He continued, "When you’re in a band, it’s an absolute compromise. So no, I don’t think I could come up with an idea and then run it by four people and then six weeks later, somebody knocks it back because their cat’s got a cough. So I like to march to the beat of my own drum. Oasis is done I’m afraid.”

The “Wonderwall” video sounds like it was a bit of a nightmare for director Nigel Dick to make. The brother’s legendary disdain for one another about halfway through the shoot, with an intensity that Nigel said he’d never seen anything like in his life. Noel and Liam had already come to the shoot with an attitude that they hadn’t wanted to be there in the first place, but after the fight which cleared the set, Nigel adapted by only shooting the brothers individually. Also Oasis’ bassist Paul “Guigsy” McGuiganis was so camera shy, he’s not in the video at all, it’s just a stand in.

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