Mike Patton Reveals Revenge Antics He Used on Axl Rose During GNR Tour

How juvenile can rock bands get with each other on tour? I’m sure we don’t know the half of it. But when bands don’t exactly get along on the road you can expect the full grade school shenanigans, and when it’s Faith No More, potty humor. Actually it’s not just potty humor when you actually uh…potty.

Faith No More singer Mike Patton recently revealed a story where he peed on Axl Rose’s teleprompter when they opened for Guns N' Roses and Metallica in 1992.

Mike said, quote, "It was such a drag touring with [GNR], I hate to say it.They treated us like [crap]."

Mike said he and his bandmates were looking for something messed up to do everyday and boy did they ever. Mike somewhat famously has used his own bodily waste to prank or retaliate many rock bands over the years and I’m going to have to let you read the article here from Ultimate Classic Rock to read about what he put in the chocolate cake he was hoping Axl would chow down. (Unfortunately, a crew member picked it up, so Mike had to step in before he could eat it).

Looking back, he blames "youthful stupidity" for his disgusting antics.

LANGUAGE WARNING for the video below.

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