CICADAS: The Invasion is Real

Remember when we were all cute and worrying about Murder Hornets? We should've saved the anxiety for the massive Brood X Cicada Invasion which is wreaking havoc in the East and Midwest.

In Washington DC, you can actually see the swarm on WEATHER RADAR and they even tried to swarm the White House plane, delaying its flight to Europe.

And here's the President swiping one off his neck before boarding Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews.

THIS is pretty serious too. A cicada is also being blamed for this car accident in Cincinnati this week. Police say the driver lost control of his car when a cicada flew right through his open window and into his face. The vehicle swerved off the road and slammed into a utility pole. The driver suffered only minor injuries. The cicada, not so lucky.

I've got family members who live in Virginia and it's BIBLICAL there. Um, at least they don't bite?

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