Watch the Trailer for The Val Kilmer Documentary

Streaming giant Amazon has announced they've acquired Val, the documentary about actor, Val Kilmer. What makes this a special get? Well, the documentary about Val was made BY VAL. It's got a ton of hype already since Val started filming the project when he was just a young buck on Broadway.

From Uproxx: "Stretching all the way back to Kilmer’s Broadway days when he played third wheel to Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon, Valcontains a treasure trove of home video footage shot by Kilmer that contains a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse of films like Top Gun, Heat, The Doors, Tombstone, and The Ghost and the Darkness."

Val Kilmer has always been a bit of a Hollywood enigma. Method actor, bad boy, heartthrob, and eventually recluse, there is a dark underbelly to Val's complex life. Finally, we get to see his experience through his lens.

"A mix of Hollywood intrigue and humor, Val has the potential to be the vanity project to end all vanity projects, but at the same time, it also plays as a celebration of a fascinating life coupled with the emotional struggle of Kilmer’s inability to speak after his battle with throat cancer, which leads to raw, honest moments that punctuate the trailer, and presumably, the documentary itself."

Val hits theaters on July 23 and Amazon Prime Video on August 6.

Thumbnail via Getty Images

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