Oreo Now Has New Packaging So You Can Hide Your Oreos From Kids

Listen, if you have not hidden from your child once in your life I can’t relate to you. (Straight up, I’ll take a break by locking myself in the bathroom but my favorite is my actual clothes closet). Sometimes it’s for a quick hit of social media, but MOST of the time, it’s so I can break off a tiny blissful bite of that bar of dark chocolate bar I hide on the top of the refrigerator without my child ultimately asking if she can try it and then next thing you know, I break off the whole damn thing and hand it to her because she is a magical woodland sprite dream of a child and I am powerless against her charms.

HOWEVER, Oreo has decided we deserve some kid free chocolate time so that you can hide the sweets from your kids in plain sight. Check it out:

Oreo announced a new "Protection Program," designed to hide Oreo Thins from your family using camouflaged packaging. They still say "Oreo Thins" on the front, but the sides look different, so you can stack them wherever you'd want to hide them:  The cupboard, the freezer, the closet, or in the car.

The spines make the Oreos look like:  A cookbook, a package of frozen vegetables, a pack of t-shirts, and a car owner's manual.  For now, they're only available through an online sweepstakes

Here's one of the Jonas Brothers telling you more about it. I don't know which one. Frank. Frank Jonas.

It’s not quite the old VHS is that is definitely porn but labeled something like, “BUSINESS SEMINAR 99,” but I like they way Oreo is thinking. (Does it have to be Oreo Thins though? Give Mama the real diet buster, I’m here to party).

The deadline is Friday. 

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