Honus Wagner Holy Grail Card Expected to Fetch Over $6 Million

One of the most coveted sports cards to ever exist, is the 1909 Honus Wagner card. The T206 card, in which only about 50-60 exist in the world, is a recognizable and iconic image for us in Pittsburgh and a collector’s absolute dream. So how much do you think it’ll go for now that it’s up for auction?

TMZ Sports reported the card, which is up for auction at the Robert Edwards Auction, starts at $1 Million Dollars. Bidding experts believe it will far exceed that price and expect it will go for over $6 Million.

So why is it so valuable? The card was made by the American Tobacco Company and they only made a handful of the cards, creating a huge demand. Apparently, Honus HATED the card because it was made by a cigarette company.

Famous Baseball Card of Honus Wagner Goes to Auction

Photo: Getty Images

Honus Wagner was an eight time NL batting champion and a member of the baseball Hall of Fame, but now, could end up having the most valuable baseball card ever sold at public auction. The Robert Edwards Auction experts say they believe the card could topple the 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card which went for $5.2 Million this year.

Bidding ends on August 15th.

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